Seasonal Trends and Garden Affiliate Opportunities with GoGroopie

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Wooden Bird Hotel Feeder

Here at Gogroopie, we feel our discount marketplace is so rich with a vast variety of deals that there is something for everyone. We're always welcoming new partnerships with publishers catering to audiences with different interests in mind. Seasonal change plays a big factor in purchasing habits and trends. This creates an opportunity for our affiliate partnerships to showcase new products to their audiences.



Patio Roses

It's commonly believed that gardening doesn't really happen until April May. But any gardening enthusiast will tell you that you can start prepping much earlier. March is seen as the perfect time to begin planting a variety of vegetables and seeds which will handle those last frosty winter nights before spring. All this planning and preparation will require the right tools and we have made sure to accommodate a great selection which will come in handy any time of the year.


Eckman Telescopic Hedge Trimmer


With over 300 gardening products on Gogroopie (with more being added daily), there is an opportunity to introduce a fresh new seasonal category to your audience.


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