Scribbler Commission Rate Change

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After 5 years of our affiliate program we are looking to make some changes to our product offering and commission plan.

Currently running a new & existing rate for customers we will be changing to a flat rate for all customers. We will be introducing a standard rate and also a rate for sales that use a code.

This is all in preparation for the exciting addition of gifts to the Scribbler site allowing customers to buy a selection of fun & funky gifts to go with the amazingly witty, funny and cool cards at Scribbler.

The new rates, below, will be going live from w/c 25th September 2017. The gifting will be intorduced some point after that hopefully October time but that is still to be confirmed.

New Scribbler Commission Rates as of w/c 25th September 2017

Card Sales - 9%

Card Sales with a code - 5%

The commission on gifts will be confirmed closer to launch but this new commission plan will be easier for publishers with the flat rate and after numerous calculations on data and the increasing number of existing customers means the change works out to be pretty positive for publishers.

If you have any issues or conference please get in touch with me before w/c 25th September to discuss.

Thanks for your cooperation on this and we'll be in touch with some top cards and offers next week.

Matthew & The Scribbler Team /