Screwfix is Now Delivering to Europe

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Dear Affiliates,

Screwfix is Now Delivering to Europe

am very pleased to announce that we here at Screwfix have just launched our European proposition successfully.


This will allow customers from 23 different countries in the European Union to order from our website and have it delivered directly to their doorstep or anywhere within our expanded delivery destinations. Also this will allow UK-based visitors to the site to register for European delivery have their order delivered to any of these destinations. This will enable British tradesmen and holiday/2nd home owners to work abroad and upgrade their homes with products they know and a service they can trust.

We already received 70,000 visitors a week from European countries before we updated the website and we hope to convert some of these visitors into active customers. The early signs are very promising and could it could be a great new service for Screwfix customers.


The site will automatically detect foreign IP addresses, and then adjust so customers see the European version of the website. They can then create international customer log in details. For UK visitors there is a toggle button which directs them to the European version of the site. Once on the international site they will need to create new log in details. Once a customer has registered on our European website they can log in anywhere in the world and they will automatically be directed to the European website. Customers will experience an ordering process that is almost exactly the same as the standard Screwfix website. Here is a link to our site that runs through the registration processEuropean Delivery -

Information and restrictions

Here is a full list of the EU destinations we will now be delivering to. The Flight/Land section denotes that they will have different restrictions in regard to the products that are available for delivery:

Country Brand
Austria LAND
Belgium LAND
Czech Republic LAND
Denmark LAND
Estonia LAND
Finland LAND
France LAND
Germany LAND
Hungary LAND
Ireland LAND
Italy LAND
Latvia LAND
Lithuania LAND
Italy LAND
Luxembourg LAND
Netherlands LAND
Poland LAND
Portugal FLIGHT
Slovakia LAND
Luxembourg LAND
Slovenia LAND
Sweden LAND

We WILL NOT be delivering to these EU countries due to restrictions with delivery carriers;

Bulgaria Cyprus Romania

Land – These customers will be able to order all Screwfix products other than;

DSV (Direct Dispatch) - Items that are delivered directly by a supplier to a customer
Hazardous items - These are most but not ALL items with a COSSH Safety data sheet
Large items - Items over 1.2 meters in length
Heavy items - Items weighing over 25Kg

Flight – These customers will have all the restrictions outlined above as well as;

Items containing Lithium – These include Lithium ion batteries in power tools and most rechargeable domestic appliances

Delivery Options – These will be the same no matter what the destination of the order or brand;

Free delivery on orders over £100.
A £20 delivery charge on orders under £100.
All deliveries will be made between 5 and 7 working days.


We have a dedicated support team to deal with all international questions and issues the contact details for that team are;

Email: Phone: 01935 385685 Team Manager: Victora Aplin