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Dear Affiliates,

We hope that you are well and enjoying the sunshine.

We would like to inform you that the name of our boiler repair has changed from Home Comfort Boiler Repair to Boiler Repair Insurance.

Boiler Repair Insurance

Boiler Repair Insurance
Monthly Cost £11.36 with no excess fee
£6.71 with a £50 excess fee
Key Features
  • Unlimited callouts
  • Access to our 24/7 emergency call centre – 365 days a year
  • We meet the cost of any repairs up to a limit of £500 per claim
  • Qualified Gas Safe registered engineers
  • Helpful energy advice to ensure your system operates efficiently
Payment Method
  • Monthly Direct Debit Only
  • We cannot cover postcodes in:  DT, EC, LD, PL, SY, TR
What happens at the end of the CONTRACT?
  • Unless you choose another option, you will automatically be renewed onto Boiler Repair Insurance
  • We will write to you 6 weeks before the end date and if you wish to cancel you must inform us in writing at least 2 weeks before the contract ends

Boiler Repair Insurance Key Facts

You must check the following before processing this sale:


Postcode exclusion list
We cannot cover postcodes in DT, EC, LD, PL, SY, TR.
Only available for 1 boiler per property
Only applicable to fully functional/working boilers

Key Facts

Unlimited call outs via our emergency 24/7 call centres.
As long as we can source the parts, we will meet the cost of any repairs up to a limit of £500 per claim including VAT.
If we cannot repair the boiler because we can’t source the parts or the cost of repair exceeds the cover limit, we will cancel your policy and refund you up to a maximum of 12 months’ payments*
It does not cover you for the costs of replacing the boiler or for boiler maintenance, which is your responsibility.
We cannot cover costs arising from or in connection with any existing faults or failure to carry out any remedial work recommended by our engineer during a previous call out.
You will be responsible for additional costs you maybe be required to pay for services outside the scope of cover of the policy including the £50 excess payments.
We cannot cover reoccurring or intermittent faults where our engineer has previously attended and told you that the fault is not a break down as defined in the policy.
If you go ahead, your insurance policy cover will start 21 days after today or the date of your first successful direct debit payment, whichever is later.
This is not a maintenance contract. Maintaining the boiler, for example an annual service and replacing it is your responsibility.
Pre-existing faults are not covered – You should undertake any corrective work previously recommended by us.
We cannot cover any reoccurring faults where we have previously informed you that it is not covered.

Terms and conditions apply
If you have any questions regarding the Boiler Repair Insurance or you would like to work with us to promote this product please do not hesitate to contact

The ScottishPower Affiliate Team