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This week at SCI-MX we've launched a new article about our all-in-one range; OMNI-MX®.Our all-in-one OMNI-MX® has everything the serious gym goer needs to build muscle in one convenient shake


✓ GRS 9-HOUR® PROTEIN for protein synthesis and sustained (9-hour) anti-catabolic growth support

✓ Aminogen enzymes for optimal protein absorption and amino acid utilisation

✓Cross-Action&#8482 carbohydrates with 4-carbs for maximum muscle nutrient uptake and lean gains

✓Healthy MCT oils for rapid energy and lean physique support

Creatine - for increased high intensity repetitive exercise power such as weights

ZMA - with zinc for testosterone support and Vitamin B6 for hormone regulation

Amino acid complex - HMB, glutamine, arginine, beta-alanine and taurine to aid muscle anabolism

Support nutrients - aveniva sativa, nettle root extract, chromium

Deep link to the all-in-one landing page:

Read the full article HERE

Prices for the OMNI-MX® range start at £36.98 and 25% off in the Spring Sale is applicable. Discount applied at checkout.

Don't forget we're still offering 15% commission until beginning of May!

If you'd like to get in touch to discuss the SCI-MX brand or have a query or request regarding the affiliate campaign please get in touch or 01452 656 010


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