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Hi there,


From the 1st March Resorthoppa are pleased to announce they will be working on a multi-attribution model which will award publishers for their assistance in all customer journeys that result in a sale. Publishers will now be awarded for assists and not just on last click!


Why are Resorthoppa doing this?
Pre-decision research and considered purchases are common place within the travel sector and Resorthoppa recognise this. Customer journey data has proven that users are likely to use several sources before purchasing and Resorthoppa would like to reward publishers based on their contribution to these journeys. Resorthoppa believe this is a fairer approach and will allow for a more transparent model.


How it will work?
This will work on a 50/20 weighting based on where you sit in the customer journey. The weightings have predefined rules.


For example, the rules for publishers are:
• All publishers will receive a 50 weighting for first clicks
• All publishers will receive a 20 weighting for clicks between the first and last click
• Content publishers will receive a 50 weighting for last clicks
• Voucher code publishers will receive a 20 weighting for last clicks
• (Please note that rules for other marketing channels may differ but if another channel is included in a journey with a publisher the publisher will always be awarded as per the above)


For each sale the weightings for each click are totalled and each click receives a proportion of the revenue based on its relative weighting.


Can you give me an example?

Scenario 1: A customer browses on a content publisher’s site and clicks through to Resorthoppa but does not purchase at this time. The customer then visits a voucher code directory, clicks through to the Resorthoppa site and purchases a transfer for £100. Previously, with the last click model, the voucher code publisher would have received all commission:


However, with the new model both publishers will receive commission on the sale as the weightings will split out the transaction value between the two publishers involved:


Click              Publisher            Weighting           Transaction Value
First               Content                     50                            £71.50
Last                Voucher Code        20                            £28.50


Please note: CPA will be reduced for content sites to the standard 8%

Scenario 2: A customer clicks through a voucher code site and then later clicks through a content publisher’s site but they don’t purchase at this time. The customer returns via a PPC ad and purchases a transfer for £100.


Click         Publisher                Weighting        Transaction Value
First         Voucher Code            50                         £55
Middle     Content                        20                         £22.50
Last           PPC                                20                         £22.50


What does this mean for publishers?

• Publishers will receive a proportion of every sale they contribute to
• Publishers will no longer lose out on sales due to the last click
• Publishers are rewarded a higher proportion if the first click is driven
• Cashback and loyalty publishers will still be paid based on last click rules because Resorthoppa appreciate the visibility needed for a solid customer journey, (however, their contribution will be measured using the attribution rules and commission may be reassessed at a later date)
• Affiliate who contribute to a cashback sale will be paid some commission to award their contribution in the sale


Resorthoppa are very excited with the new model and hope that this will enable them to fairly reward publishers in a much more flexible way than the last click model.


Please get in touch if you have any questions and feel free to give us a ring if you would like to discuss this in more detail.


Kind regards,


The Resorthoppa Affiliate Team