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Reflex jeans are becoming more and more famous online but we still get a lot of customers asking what they are so we decided to end it; we will clarify what "reflex jeans" are and mention the models we have on offer.

It's very simple, reflex is a type of denim that is very flexible which makes it one of the most comfortable types; by mixing cotton, lycra and polyester we made this amazing creation and couldn't be prouder of it.

The main features of reflex jeans are comfort (as we mentioned before), high elasticity/mobility and excellent fabric recovery - which means no saggy jeans - great right?

More specifically, the fabric is composed by lycra at its core, polyester in the middle and an external layer of cotton for a genuine denim look. "And why is lycra at the middle and not at the corespun?" you ask. Easy, that happens because the two top layers protect the lycra's stretchy factor.

At ETO Jeans we have two reflex jeans' styles and four different washes to please every fashion aficionado.

Super Skinny Reflex Jeans in Dark Wash

Mens Super skinny jeans reflex denim dark blue

These jeans are perfect for any casual look; they feature branded buttons and rivets, highlighted basic stitching details to the back pockets and a PU branded waist label.

These jeans can be easily combined with any basic top or polo. For those who want an adventurous look, they can be combined with a nice top and a leather jacket.


Mens super skinny reflex denim jeans dark wash

Product Code: EM580 DSW £49.99

Super Skinny Reflex Jeans in Midwash

Mens super skinny denim jeans blue

These jeans have the same features as the previous jeans but with a slightly lighter wash.

They go well with a colourful jumper or a nice polo. Accessories are also key to complete the look.


Mens Super skinny jeans denim mid wash

Product Code: EM580 MSW £49.99

Super Skinny Reflex Jeans in Light Stonewash

Mens super skinny reflex jeans light wash Same jeans style but in a light stone wash, perfect for those who don't like dark jeans.

Can be paired up with a basic top and a nice blazer for a business casual look or for date night.

Mens super skinny denim jeans light blue

Product Code: EM580 LSW £49.99

Super Skinny Reflex Jeans in Raw

Mens reflex super skinny jeans raw

Again, a very simple but stylish piece with the same characteristics of the other models but one major difference: the denim on this style hasn't been washed.

They are perfect for a monochromatic look or with any coloured top.


Super skinny reflex raw jeans

Product Code: EM580 RAW £49.99

Tapered Reflex Jeans in Dark Wash

Mens reflex jeans tapered

Finally,  these tapered reflex jeans are perfect for someone looking for a straight fit with a tapered leg, without losing the comfort factor.

denim mens reflex jeans

Product Code: EM595 DW £49.99

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