Pure Rain - Programme Launch

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I hope you’re well.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Pure Rain affiliate programme, which officially launched on Affiliate Window today.

Leafy plants use oxygen to absorb vital nutrients from the soil around their roots. Raindrops gather oxygen as they fall through the air and the highly oxygenated water helps the plants extract nutrients more efficiently. That’s why plants look so healthy and robust after a good rain.
Pure Rain products add millions of microscopic nano-bubbles — each just a fraction of the width of a human hair — to ordinary tap water. The extra oxygen delivered by the nano-bubbles helps your plants absorb nutrients faster than ever, making them healthier, stronger and more disease resistant.
By simply attaching them to your garden hose and watering regularly, Pure Rain products can increase leafy plant growth by up to 30%.
Best of all, Pure Rain does all this without any chemicals — just the way nature intended.

We pay the high rate of 10% commission on all products sold via http://www.purerain.co.uk/ and through Affiliate Window you will receive exclusive voucher codes which are not available anywhere else, on top of a 30 day cookie window! Pure Rain also offer a great range of creative designed to grab the user’s attention which is ready to be uploaded to your account as soon as you have joined.  Banners and text links are available within the “linking methods” section in affiliate window.  If there are any sizes not there that you require please email alexander.marshall@caratmedia.com.

Please do familiarise yourself the incredible launch offer available via the Affiliate Window interface and do check back for regular updates and new codes. Partners of Pure Rain who are able to drive interest and sales shall be rewarded with exclusive voucher codes for their visitors - guaranteed.

The launch Voucher Code on Affiliate Window:

Code: PR50A
Offer: 50% off all products
Live: 29/07/2013
Expires: 30/09/2013

Thank you for your kind attention and good luck on the campaign!

Kind Regards

Alex Marshall
0113 2240949

Elaine Van
020 7553 2432