Publisher Management: How we can help you?

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Maximise your site potential, relationships and profits with Awin. Our Publisher Management team is committed to providing expert consultations and advice to ensure our publishers get the most from the vast and dynamic affiliate marketing space.

Our team provide support by creating tips and tricks available on the Awin blog, managing the publisher live chat service and being available for publishers of all sizes to help growth their potential; we work alongside new, developing and established publishers to promote their offering to our brands and help them grow on the network. In 2017, our Publisher Development Team contacted more than 2,600 newly converting publishers, with many featured in the monthly opportunities deck and shared with relevant advertiser teams. Over 160 publishers were featured throughout the year. ​

“The Awin Publisher Development team have been invaluable to our business... their consistent support has allowed us to build on new and existing relationships with key account managers and advertisers… by assisting with coordinating meetings with relevant account managers and their respective advertisers. No other network has been able to offer us this level of support and assistance which is why we recommend to our clients seeking an affiliate network to use AWin. “

Laura Middleton - Director, The Office Rocks

Here’s some more details about the services we offer:

Publisher Tips & Tricksa hub for all things publisher-related; gain access to advice, leading industry news, hints and quick links to key forums from this platform.

Live Chat & Support Tickets – all publishers have access to the Publisher Management Live Chat, a tool available in the user interface dedicated to providing immediate support for all publishers including those joining the network. For quick, efficient advice from getting started as a publisher to tracking queries or even advertiser introductions, the live chat is your first port of call. In 2017, we responded to 9,500 live chat enquiries with a customer satisfaction rating of 83%.

Opportunity Marketplace – a dedicated space on the Awin UI offering a platform for all publishers to promote opportunities to our 1,000+ strong UK advertisers. In 2017, the marketplace featured more than 8,200 listings with more than 5,600 advertiser offers made in response to this.

Sector Specialists – in addition to publisher consultants, we have dedicated specialists for key affiliate sectors, from telecoms and travel through to influencer marketing and fashion. Our specialists can provide you with introductions to key advertisers and provide a great understanding of sector trends and insights.

Networking EventsAwin’s annual calendar is jam packed with exciting events, network soirees and meet-and-greets to ensure that our publishers can build strong relationships with key and upcoming advertisers.

Publisher Newsletters Subscribe to our publisher newsletter to receive our latest articles, announcements and event news straight to your inbox. 

Publisher Spotlight – showcase your website on the Awin publisher hub, utilising an interview-style format we outline key features from your site and highlight advertiser requirements in order to optimise future collaborations and partnerships. More than 30 publishers were featured in 2017.

Global Publisher Team – have you ever thought about expanding internationally? We are a global network with offices located in 17 different countries. Awin can support your international endeavours, introduce you to new advertisers and facilitate ways in which to tap into new markets.

If you’d like to hear more about what we’re working on, feel free to get in touch at

The Publisher Team have been nominated for Best Publisher Development Team at this year’s Performance Marketing Awards. View the 2018 shortlist and be sure to cast your vote!