Promotional Changes

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Rezidor Newsletter w/c 15/12/2014

to this week's Park Inn and Radisson Blu by Radisson Hotels Newsletter


Promotional Changes

Promotional changes have come into affect for both Park Inn and Radisson Blu
hotels regarding tactical and promotional offers. Hotels are now able
to choose themselves whether they want to opt in and out of sales.
Specific hotels are no longer offering an Advance Purchase discount, therefore in
the-mean time please feel free to replace the Advance Purchase Offer
with another promotional offer live on site. T&C's as a result have also
changed which will be updated on the corporate landings pages for both Park Inn and Radisson Blu hotels. 

A list of 9 hotels from the United Kingdom & Ireland below that have opted out of the Advance Purchase ffer (Save 20%):

  • Radisson Blu - DUB Royal
  • Radisson Blu - Cavan
  • Radisson Blu - DUB St Helens
  • Radisson Blu - DUB Airport
  • Radisson Blu - Edinburgh
  • Radisson Blu - Galway
  • Radisson Blu - Leeds
  • Radisson Blu - MAN Airport
  • Radisson Blu - Durham

All of the above hotels are however participating in the 'Save up to 15% offer' which can be used instead.

3 hotels from Western Europe and North West Africa have also opted out of the Advance Purchase Offer:

  • Radisson Blu - Amsterdam City
  • Radisson Blu - Djerba
  • Radisson Blu - Gran Canaria

Amsterdam City and Djerba run with Save up to 15% and Gran Canaria have opted out of all corproate offers.

Middle East, South Asia, Russia and Eastern Europe have also updated their offers on November 16th.

Only 1 hotel has opted out of the Advance Purchase offer (save 20%):

  • Park Inn - Moscow Sadu

Terms & Conditions

Please visit the Park Inn and Radisson Blu landing page for the full terms and conditions.

you have any questions regarding this promotion or any feedback as to
what would be relevant for you to receive on a weeky basis, please get
in touch with

Thank you for your hard work on the program.

The Rezidor Affiliate Team