Promotion Schedule

Written by Paddy_at_Cruise on . Posted in Awin, Offers/Promotions

Hello Affiliates,

Since we've had a few affiliates saying that they haven't had enough notice to maximise these recent promotions, we've drawn out a little schedule for our forthcoming promotions over the next ten days:


    DATE                          BRAND               PROMOTION CODE
10/07 T Paul Smith SMITH20 MF
11/07 F Michael Kors + Boss Green MK20 + BOSSG20 MF
12/07 S Boss Suits SUIT20 M
13/07 S CP Company CP20 M
201512 14/07 M D&G DOLCE20 MF
15/07 T DKNY DKNY20 MF
16/07 W Jimmy Choo + Boss Black JIMMY20 + BOSSB20 MF
17/07 T Luke LUKE20 M
18/07 F Ralph Lauren RALPH20 M
19/07 S Juicy Couture + Boss Orange JUICY20 + BOSSO20 MF
20/07 S Replay REPLAY20 M