Leaving Smile Bouquet

Prestige Flowers spreading joy across the UK

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A leading online retailer, Prestige Flowers, is running a national ‘Selfless Bouquet’ campaign in support of Mental Health Awareness and Cancer Awareness Month. The campaign encourages an act of kindness to uplift, inspire, and spread positivity in communities across the UK. Prestige Flowers are sending a beautiful bouquet to participants free of charge.

Those who receive them are encouraged to place the bouquet in their local area or area of special choice for a stranger to pick up. The bouquet will be accompanied by a personalised ‘Take Me Home’ note. On the back, it will invite them to share a picture of the bouquet in the location they found it with the campaign hashtag #leavingsmilesuk and tag the Facebook page @LeavingSmilesUK. Prestige Flowers will be posting regular updates on the whereabouts of the bouquets, to track its journey to see how far their positivity can spread.

The campaign is based around raising awareness on the increased stress-related illnesses surfaced from Covid-19. It has been proven that people suffer in silence, so it’s more important than ever to reach out to charities that are able to help.

Due to this, we are working alongside charities such as Cancer Research, Barnardo’s and Cystic Fibrosis Trust to raise awareness on the great work they are doing in these unprecedented times. Each ‘Take Me Home’ tag will highlight each charity with a contact telephone number, should those who find the bouquet want to reach out.

Prestige Flowers are giving away hundreds of bouquets for this campaign - they are working closely with 100 influencers and celebrities on this ‘Selfless Bouquet’ campaign to really drive the initiative of making someone's day through a simple act of kindness.

To track the bouquets journey, follow the campaigns on Facebook and Instagram pages, @LeavingSmilesUK.

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