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Pharmacy2U - Period Pains

- The Facts & Product Deals-


Hi Affiliates,

Many women experience discomfort at the time of their periods.

For most, this does not interfere with their daily lives or requires any special attention.

However, for some women their monthly period is painful, problematic and in some cases disabling. It can interfere with their lives because of the pain and inconvenience caused.

At Pharmacy2U, we're here to help you combat that pain with great deals across period pain reducing products.


Did you know?

  • Extreme period pain is also referred to as dysmenorrhoea.
  • The severity of dysmenorrhoea is significantly associated with duration of menstrual flow, younger average first menstrual cycle, smoking, obesity, and alcohol consumption.
  • High levels of stress, depression, anxiety, and disruption of social networks can increase the incidence of dysmenorrhoea.

  • Over-the-counter painkillers, in particular ibuprofen (eg Advil or Nurofen), are often helpful and your pharmacist can often give advise you further on which ones are right for you. These act to reduce the pain and blood loss.


To help your users combat period pains, Pharmacy2U has the following great offers:


Save 9% on Paramol Tablets

Paramol tablets are used to treat short term acute moderate pain which cannot be relieved by taking other tablets containing Paracetamol, Ibuprofen and Aspirin alone. Paramol can be taken to treat pain such as: headache, migraines, backache, period pains, dental pain, muscular pain, joint ache and neuralgia.

Price: £4.99

RRP Price: £5.51 (Saving 9%)

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Save12% on Feminax Ultra Triple Pack

Feminax Ultra triple pack contains 250mg of Naproxen which is used to treat menstrual pain or dysmenorrhoea or more commonly known as period pains. Feminax Ultra tablets provides long lasting relief for up to 8 hours and works directly at the site of the pain relieving period pains and cramps.

Price: £11.59

RRP Price: £13.14 (Saving 12%)

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Save 28% On Solpadeine Plus Soluble Tablets 16 Tablets


Solpadeine plus soluble tablets are for the short term treatment of acute moderate pain when other painkillers have not worked. Wait at least four hours after taking any other painkiller before you take this medicine.

For: Migraine, Headache, Dental pain, Period pain, Backache, Arthritic & rheumatic pain, Strains & sprains and Sciatica.

Price: £2.29

RRP Price: £3.18 (Saving 28% off RRP)

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Save 11% on Cuprofen - 96 Tablets - Maximum Strength

Cuprofen Maximum strength tablets contain 400mg of the active ingredient Ibuprofen. Ibuprofen belongs to a group of medicines called non-steroidal anti inflammatory which when taken reduces pain, fever and inflammation.

Price: £6.95

RRP Price: £7.79 (Saving 11%)

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