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Nappy Rash - Prevention and Cure

Hi Affiliates,

This week, we're tackling nappy rash. With most babies suffering from nappy rash at some point in their infancy, at Pharmacy2u we have great deals on nappies and nappy rash products to help you control your child's nappy rash and prevent it from developing into something worse.

Did you know...

  • Nappy rash is most commonly a kind of contact dermatitis.
  • Nappy rash may become secondarily infected by bacteria or yeast normally present on the skin. In this case, topical antibiotic ointments provide a rapid and effective therapy.
  • Avoidance of skin irritants by frequent nappy changing provides the number-one preventative measure.
  • Effective treatments include frequent nappy changes, application of topical barriers (for example, petroleum jelly), and rarely topical antibiotic/antifungal ointments, or low-potency hydrocortisone cream. High-potency steroid creams, powders, and concentrated baking-soda/boric-acid baths and neomycin-containing ointments are to be avoided.
Deals on Nappies
Huggies Dry Nites Pyjama Pants 8-15 Years Girls - £4.99
Pampers Dry Nites Pyjama Pants 8-15 Years GirlsHuggies Dry Nites Pyjama Pants 8-15 Years Girls are suitable for girls weighing 27-57kg (4st 4lbs- 8st 12lbs).

RRP £5.19 - Saving £0.20 - Price £4.99 - Discount 4%


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Pampers Baby Dry Jumbo Size 5 Nappies - £15.99
Pampers Baby Dry Jumbo Size 5 NappiesPampers Baby Dry Jumbo Size 5 nappies suitable for babies 11-25kg (24-55lbs).

RRP £15.99 - Saving - £1.00 - Price £14.99 - Discount 6%

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Huggies Pure Wipes - £2.29
Huggies Pure Wipes
Huggies Pure wipes provides gentle cleaning like cotton wool and water and contains no perfume and are alcohol free.

RRP £3.05 - Saving £0.76 - Price £2.29 - Discount 25%

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Deals on Nappy Rash Products
Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream- £6.39
Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing CreamSudocrem antiseptic cream 400g is for the treatment of: Nappy rash, Eczema, Bedsores, Acne, Minor burns, Surface wounds, Sunburn, Chilblains. Sudocrem will help smooth and protect even the most delicate and easily irritated skin to leave it feeling soft and moisturised. Sudocrem can even be used on baby's delicate and sensitive skin to relieve nappy rash.

RRP £7.44 - Saving £1.05 - Price £6.39- Discount 14%

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Bennetts Baby Aqueous Cream Fragranced - £2.99
Bennetts Baby Aqueous Cream softens and moisturises. Gentle enough for babys delicate skin.

RRP £3.99 - Saving £1.00 - Price £2.99- Discount 25%

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Metanium Nappy Rash Ointment - £2.59

Metanium Ointment is an ointment for topical application, which is used to treat nappy rash.

RRP £3.65 - Saving £1.06 - Price £2.59- Discount 29%

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