Peek Inside The toucanBox Bug Box

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Peek Inside The toucanBox Bug Box

Take a peek inside one of our popular boxes - Bug Box. You'll get to experience some of the key components of this box and get an idea of the kind of things your child will be able to create. Read on for further information.

Growing Caterpillar -

Build your very own creeping caterpillar, add some of our special glow paint to his head and body and then switch the lights of to see him light up. But caterpillars don’t stay caterpillars for long; soon they'll trade in their little legs for some wonderful wings and grow into something spectacular.

Friendly Spiders & Web -

Build and paint your very own smiley spiders, and then make a pipe-cleaner web for them to hang from! Don’t worry, with wiggle eyes and a cheeky smile they’ll be the most welcome arachnids in your home!

Beautiful Butterflies -

Investigate the marvellous designs found on the wings of a butterfly, and then add your own creativity to create your very own tie-dye designs! Add a wooden peg body and decorate with pom-poms to complete your butterfly’s very fashionable look!

Exploration Jar -

Create a cosy habitat for some insect friends! Use stickers and a mesh lid to make a stylish and safe temporary home. Add any bugs you find to your jar and use your magnifying glass to inspect their impressive features. Remember to let them back out again, though!

Bug Books -

There are so many fascinating facts about insects, from how many legs they have to where they live and what they eat! Brush up on your creepy crawly knowledge with a brilliant sticker book. Then wow your friends and family with some amazing facts!


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