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Acer: Leverage a globally renowned brand

Acer is a hardware, software and services company dedicated to the research, design, marketing, sale, and support of innovative products that enhance people's lives. Acer's product offerings include PCs, displays, projectors, gaming devices, accessories and more.

If you own a website that attracts people looking to buy computers, laptops, and IT solutions, then why not join the Acer affiliate program and monetize all that traffic by converting your visitors into Acer customers and earn sales commissions? By partnering with Acer as an affiliate, you're leveraging on Acer's brand globally renowned for quality products and efficient customer service.
Explore promotions and offers exclusively available on the official Acer®️ Online Store. Now offering a range of benefits to join their affiliate program:

  • 10% CPA commission (+5% CPAi for the month of November)
  • 30-day cookie period
  • Weekly voucher codes and offers
  • Exclusive Voucher Codes
  • Bespoke creative for each offer and placement
  • Product Catalog Feed Available
  • Free Shipping & Returns

Join today and start promoting Acer.

Please contact Julija.Gvozdeva@acer.com for any queries.