Our Partnership With The Rainforest Trust UK

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Here at Priory Direct, we recognise the effect that eCommerce businesses, including our own, have on the environment and how carbon emissions are generated from them. It is extremely important to protect our planet and that’s why we’re taking the necessary steps to do so and helping our customers in doing so too. In light of this, we’re extremely proud to let you know about our partnership with the Rainforest Trust UK, keeping our most endangered rainforests and tropical ecosystems safe.

We currently give our customers information on how eco-friendly their packaging choices are and have created our own range of planet-friendly packaging, of which 1% of our sales are donated to environmental causes.

However, we felt we could do more - from now on, our customers will have the opportunity to protect threatened rainforests every time they place an order over £30, at no extra cost. We offer our customers a free gift on their order as a thank you, which can then be given to the Rainforest Trust UK, protecting 1000m2 of rainforest.

The world’s rainforests are crucial for safely storing billions of tonnes of carbon and responsible for the protection and survival of our planet. Unfortunately, the equivalent of 50 football pitches of tropical rainforest are eradicated every minute, releasing carbon into the atmosphere and accelerating climate change further.

It is imperative that we take action - so when customers choose to give their free gift to the Rainforest Trust, they are safely storing more than 25 tonnes of carbon through saving 1000m2 of trees, without costing them a penny.

We are helping our customers to help the planet and make a change to the world we can truly be proud to call our home.

For more information about our partnership with the Rainforest Trust UK, visit our help & advice centre article here.

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