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T H E   A L L - I N - O N E   C O M P A N Y -

H O M E   O F   C R E A T E - Y O U R - O W N

Here at The All-in-One Company we allow you to Create-your-Own Onesies on our Personalised Onesie Builder.
Each Onesie is individually cut, sewn and embroidered with pride by our team of expert cutters and machinists using traditional skills that have been passed down through generations.


F A B R I C   T R E N D    R E P O R T   W I N T E R   2016/17

With a wide range of Fabrics, Add-On's and options to choose from, we've put together a trend guide, showcasing the most snuggletastic Create-your-Own choices that reigned this season.

Our Mid-weight and Premium Cuddle Fleeces stole the show. The thickness and fluffiness of our Cuddle Fleeces keeps you feeling warm and snuggly throughout the Winter months.

The popular colour choices this season ranged from Black, White and Grey to a rich chocolate Brown and a classic Beige.

These muted colours can be combined to make stylish and sophisticated designs.  Adding a brighter fabric into the combination can really cause your design to pop, making your Onesie a statement piece.

C R E A T E - Y O U R - O W N   V S   R E A D Y M A D E   O N E S I E

T R E N D  W I N T E R   2016/17

70% of orders this season were Create-your-Own Onesies, with the majority of customers designing their very own All-in-Ones, rather than choosing an off-the-shelf item.

20% gave the gift of Create-your-Own around Christmas time by purchasing one of our Gift Vouchers, which allows the recipient  to Create their own Onesie, and the remaining 10%  purchased one of our Limited Edition Readymade Onesies.

F A V O U R I T E   A D D - O N ' S   W I N T E R  2016/17

Our research has found that most of those who Created their Own Onesie chose to add a Hood, Pockets and Ears.

These being the top favourite add-on's of Winter 2016/17.

The top ear choice has been our Bear ears, a simple yet a timeless classic that add's character to any design.

Since The All-in-One Company first launched in 2008, our Bear ears have proven to be a customer favourite time and time again.  Personalisation was also a popular choice with customers choosing to add embroidery to their Onesie.

Embroidery has made a comeback and is officially back in fashion.   Gucci, Marc Jacobs and Valentino are just a few designers that showcased a range of beautifully embroidered designs on the catwalk in 2016.

Going hand-in-hand with our Create-your-Own Onesie Concept, your onesie can be personalised with an image, a name, or message in your chosen font and colour. Logos can also be added with the relevant permission, which we are finding to be more and more popular along with images which put a personal touch to the design.

Will you follow this season's trend, or will you start one of you very own?


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