O2 - New Sim Only Deals and iPhone Tariffs Released Today!

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Hi affiliates,

Today, O2 have released some new SIM ONLY deals as well as new tariffs on iPhones and so now is really the time to push these fresh offers! We have also included the latest O2 Priority offers for you to take advantage of. We hope that you find the information below informative and useful and if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with the team – o2affiliates@affiliatewindow.com.


New Meaty Sim Only Offers – 15% off selected tariffs! 

Today, O2 have released some great brand new Sim Only offers that are replacing all the previous deals they have been running. There is definitely a fit for anyone across all the varied data plans and with 15% off selected tariffs, these offers cannot be missed! New tariffs include:

- 1GB data, unlimited texts and 1000 minutes, £12.75 a month (WAS £15)

- 2GB data, unlimited texts and minutes, £15.30 a month (WAS £18)

- 4GB data, unlimited texts and minutes, £18.70 a month (WAS £22)

- 8GB data, unlimited texts and minutes, £23.80 a month (WAS £28)

- 16GB data, unlimited texts and minutes, £28.90 a month (WAS £34)



New tariffs on the iPhone – Get an early upgrade after 12 months on 30GB plans!

O2 have just released their new tariffs for the iPhone with an early upgrade available after 12 months on their 30GB tariffs. From prices as little as £0 upfront with a £27 tariff, there is sure to be a deal for any iPhone fan. For more details on what the new tariffs consist of, please see the deep link below:



O2 Priority – Latest Offers 

O2 Online – Grab 20% off all speakers and headphones online 

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Pizza Express – Enjoy a delicious main course for £5 

Mango Bikes – Win 1 of 3 Point R Road Bikes 




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The O2 Affiliate Team


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