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We are proud to announce our launch as an Awin Advertiser. As the leading brand in a growing industry we are excited about our exceptional offering for Awin Publishers. Nomow has been operating for 2 decades and artificial grass is a rapidly growing sector as more and more people realise its benefits.

Artificial Grass is often used to reduce mud in high wear areas of natural grass, to brighten up grey concrete areas or as a low maintenance alternative to natural grass. It can be useful to end users in a very wide variety of circumstances and therefore will be relevant to a variety of publishers.

Artificial Grass is relevant to anyone operating in;

  • Education (Teachers, Parents, Schools)
  • Sports (3G Pitches, Astroturf, Footballers)
  • Architecture and Construction
  • Home Décor (Ideal Home and Lifestyle)
  • Dog Owners
  • Homeowners with small or large gardens
  • Families
  • Local authorities
  • DIYers
  • Gardeners
  • Landscapers

We are offering a generous 8% Commission for online sales and 1% Commission for phone call sales. Nomow offers a ‘supply only’ service or a full UK wide ‘supply and installation’ service. Meaning that customers can choose to buy the artificial grass from the website and complete a DIY install, or purchase the product with our installation service. Typically, e-commerce sales at 8% are ‘supply only’ and phone call sales at 1% are for our installation service. The commission percentage is lower for phone call sales, however the revenue is typically far higher.

An Innovation in Affiliate Marketing – 1% of Phone Call Sales

We are using an innovative and exclusive technology that allows us to not only track the number of calls a particular publisher has created, but we are able to track the actual revenue from that phone call.

Not only do you no longer need to worry about commission leakage, but you can actively encourage phone call sales. As a blogger or influencer, installation sales are potentially a very lucrative opportunity.

More Information

To learn more about artificial grass visit our website

You can also call our friendly sales team on 0800 587 0380 if you have any questions about how artificial grass works.

You can also contact our Marketing Manager ieuan Nicholls on 0161 669 5512 or

You can find our Awin Profile here

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