New Link Promotion: Add 1 Link to Products and Earn Immediate Rewards!

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New Link Promotion

$20 + Sales Commission For New Links will pay $20 to create a new link referring to our products. Publishers with more than 300k monthly visitors, verifiable using SimilarWeb, will be paid $5 more for every 100k visitors they have.

A website with one million monthly visitors will get $55, $20 + ($5*7).

Publishers with less than 80k monthly visits will be paid $10, not $20. The offer will be valid until 1st January 2023.

Our Products links are below: 

New Link Promotion
  1. Check Printing Software 
  2.  ACH Payment 
  3. echeck 
  4. Checks by mail 
  5. Pay Bills 
  6. Payroll Check 
  7. Pay by Credit Card  
  8. Receive Checks 
  9. Invoicing 
  10. Check Draf
  11. Get-paid-by form 
  12. Ach Wallet 
  13. Depsoit Slip 
  14. Cash Accounting 
  15. Central Accounting 
  16. Bank Data 
  17. Positive Pay 
  18. Third Party Finance/Accounting Integration

(Important: Please replace !!!id!!! with your publisher ID)

After a new link has been created, please inform

There will be a usual sales commission for all referral links apart from this special bonus.


*Please do not expect payments if you have no verifiable monthly website traffic. The offer is only applicable to genuine publishers