New Saints & Slimmers® discount codes! May 2014...

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With summer right around the corner people will be thinking of their summer bodies and wanting to get in shape with a new diet plan.

Help them out by promoting these new discount codes:


30% Off Skinny Muffins

Code: 30MUFFIN

Expires midnight 12th May 2014


£10 off all 28 Day Bundles

Code: 28DAY10

Excludes the 5:2 DIET PLAN 28 DAY

Expires midnight 12th May 2014


£10 off when you spend £50

Code: SAVE10SS

Expires midnight 31st May 2014


£5 off our 7 Day Evening Meal Bundle


Expires midnight 12th May 2014

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The aim of Saints & Slimmers is to give you a helping hand to reach your weight loss goals. We’re not a fad diet, we’re very sensible in our approach as we believe in a healthy, balanced and nutritional calorie controlled diet. You should think of us as a lifestyle enhancer. First and foremost, we want to provide you with a flexible approach to weight loss that fits in with your daily life. On your journey to the slimmer you, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with fellow Slimmers (slim-hers and slim-hims) and our in house experts, so you’ll have all of the support you need to get to your ideal weight.