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SCI-MX - You at your best
Exciting news affiliates!

Sports nutrition brand SCI-MX has launched on Affiliate Window today!

SCI-MX is one of the UK's leading Sports Nutrition companies and the fastest growing mainstream sports nutrition brand in the UK.

At SCI-MX we have one mission - to help improve people's physiques, allowing them to be at their very best!

Using the latest scientific advances in muscle building supplementation, our range caters for every aspect of physique development and conditioning.

Our cutting-edge formulas use the latest proven ingredients to help pack on muscle and improve overall performance

SCI-MX provides free Next day delivery to the UK on orders over £15.

To ensure SCI-MX is competitive we regularly offer exciting, competitive offers and promotions, as well as informative content and nutrition information.

SCI-MX are now associated with Informed Sport

Why join the SCI-MX publisher programme

  • High Conversion Rates
  • 10% commission (15% commission for first 30 days from launch)
  • 30 day cookies
  • 99% Validations within 24 hours
  • £55 Av. order value
  • £1m+ annual marketing spend
  • One of the UK's leading brands in sports nutrition
  • Next day delivery available on orders over £15
  • 30% off first orders with code NEW30
  • Special offers e.g. multibuy discounts
  • Exclusive content, products for review, competition items, offers and promotions available on request

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SCI-MX Affiliates


To join either search MID 5817 or click here


For enquiries please email Kate at - or call 01452 656 010



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