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Ditching the plastic and going green has never been easier; say hello to our brand new Grass Paper Mailing Bags!

Yes, that’s right, these paper mailing bags are made entirely from grass; a renewable, fast-growing material that is locally sourced, natural, and planet-friendly. Not only are our grass paper mailers 100% compostable, 100% recyclable, biodegradable and plastic free, the manufacturing process uses significantly less water and energy than that of standard paper, totalling a 75% decrease in Co2 emissions; making them the most eco-friendly packaging solution on the market.

With the same life-span and features of the popular kraft paper mailing bags, but with more eco-credentials, our grass mailers are an excellent planet-friendly packaging choice for pack and despatch operations. Featuring a strong block bottom and gusseted sides to perfectly package all your bulky, voluminous, non-fragile goods as well as an easy to use peel and seal adhesive strip for fastpacking, these grass paper mailing bags are a reliable solution that ticks all the eco-friendly boxes. Made carbon neutrally from sustainable materials, our gass mailers are a 5/5 on our eco score; the ultimate planet-friendly packaging choice. 

Can you believe grass can do all that? Stocked in 4 popular sizes that are perfect for a variety of needs, be sure to check them out today and see how they can take your eco-friendly operation to the next level.

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You may think that you need to totally overhaul your whole operation, but even the smallest of changes can have the largest effect. If you need help making the switch to more eco-friendly products, or if you need advice about what kind of eco-packaging is right for you, then head over to our Eco-Friendly Packaging Page and Help & Advice Centre for all the latest products and articles.

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