New Phenol-Free Thermal Labels

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Did you know that the majority of people come into contact with a dangerous phenol-based chemical, commonly known as BPA, pretty much every day? Bisphenols and phenols are popularly used in the paper industry as a colour developer in coatings on thermal papers, such as receipts and packaging labels. 

Research has shown small dose exposure of some phenols can lead to various heart problems such as high blood pressure and even heart attacks, and long-term exposure has been linked to multiple health effects such as prostate and breast cancer. Not only do phenol chemicals cause health issues, they are also extremely damaging to the environment as they can’t break down fully and instead result in microplastics, which are ingested by wildlife, remaining in our oceans and environment forever.

Our new Priory Elements Ecolabels are completely phenol-free and work in just the same way. Suitable for direct thermal and water-based flexography, with a high sensitivity, natural vitamin C based thermal coating that provides your labels with great, long-lasting colour and print, without the hazardous properties of BPA. 

Made from eco-friendly materials, they are FSC Mixed Credit Certified, recyclable and 100% plastic-free. 

Head on over to our help & advice centre article to find out more about our phenol-free thermal labels and read up on the damaging effects that phenol chemicals have on our health and the environment. 

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