New Homepage Deals From Conrad Electronic UK

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Conrad Electronic UK

This week we bring you a great collection of new homepage deals from Conrad Electronic UK, drawn as always from over 115,000 items. With free delivery over £57 and a 2 year warranty on most items why look anywhere else?

Emag Emmi-Dent Professional Ultrasonic Toothbrush
Emag Emmi-Dent Professional Ultrasonic Toothbrush
Clean as if you were at a dentist! This ultrasonic toothbrush offers a much more efficient tooth cleaning, without friction, without exercise and without the mess. It removes plaque and fights bacteria and germs.
With the special toothpaste, harmless ultrasound waves generate millions of tiny air bubbles that implode with the food particles, plaque, bacteria, gently remove stains. For this, the ultrasound waves penetrate deep into the teeth and gums to promote blood circulation, prevents inflammation and fights germs. No more rubbing in a clockwise or hourglass, etc. just clean each tooth for about 3 to 6 seconds. The electric toothbrush only produces a slight hum.
Ultrasound is used in dental offices for years for professional dental cleaning and prophylaxis. Now you can use this technology every day at home. In addition, the ultrasound is not guaranteed in prophylaxis and has healing effects. Ideal for traveling with a duration of about 2.5 h.
Our Price £84.99

FLIR E30bx Compact Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
FLIR E30bx Compact Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
High quality thermal imaging at 19,200 pixels (160 × 120)
2.0 megapixel digital visible light camera with lamp
Thermal sensitivity of 0.10°C
3.5” touch-screen LCD
Presenting the best performance and value in point-and-shoot thermal imaging cameras ever, designed to fit beautifully into your IR inspection program, budget, and the palm of your hand.
Was £1,799.97
Now £1,699.99
Save £99.98

Renkforce CD-340 Hi-Fi headphones
Renkforce CD-340 Hi-Fi headphones
The Renkforce CD-340 impresses through excellent sound and clear music playback.
40 mm diaphragm
Automatically adjustable headband
Velours and leather ear cushion
One-sided cable entry
Was £19.99
Now £12.97
Save £7.02

Brother PT-1230 PC Connectable Labeller
Brother PT-1230 PC Connectable Labeller
This innovative, PC-Connectable labeller requires no software installation. Easy to use and share, the Brother PT-1230PC is great for labelling file folders, storage containers, and much more. Conveniently design durable, laminated labels up to 12mm wide using your PC keyboard and monitor. Print exactly what you see on your screen! When finished, simply turn your labeller off. No software is left behind on your PC. The PT-1230PC PC-Connectable labeller is perfect for home or home office labelling needs.
Was £62.99
Now £40.99
Save £22.00

VOLTCRAFT PS-1152 A Adjustable Linear Power Supply
VOLTCRAFT PS-1152 A Adjustable Linear Power Supply
Extremely compact lab PSU (just 16cm wide). Electronically stabilized linear power supply with continuously variable output voltage and analogue display. It is an inexpensive entry model in the area of the infinitely variable power supplies.
Our Price £22.97