New fix for loose door handles

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Introducing a unique new ironmongery product from Door Furniture Direct:

If you’re repairing a loose door handle with a traditional back to back fixing, the fixing screw rarely matches both the door handle or the other original screws. This unique new product from Door Furniture Direct uses screw styles and finishes that match your handle.

Exisiting Problem
Repairing loose door handles can be quite a problem where the rose or back plate fixing screws are located in a hollow part of the door. The problem can also put extra strain on the latch follower leading to premature failure. For many years the solution to this has been in the form of back to back fixings which effectively clamps the handle onto the door face and transmits any pulling force to the opposite handle. Generally with these applications, the fixings are covered by a rose or back plate cover meaning that the screw heads are not seen. Many domestic door handles however have exposed screw heads, typically a 6 gauge raised countersunk head wood screw. Back to back fixings generally do not match these wood screws in either size, style or finish.

New Solution
To solve this problem Door Furniture Direct have introduced a back to back fixing which uses an M3.5 raised countersunk machine screw with a head size and style to match a 6 gauge wood screw. Available in either brass to match brass handles or nickel plated to match chrome, satin chrome, nickel and pewter handles.

At last you can have a secure new installation or repair a loose installation with screw heads that match your handles!
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