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When it comes to packaging, we are all striving to find eco-friendly, plastic-free alternatives that continue to offer the best protection for our goods without compromising on quality. And as your packaging supplier of choice we want to make sure we are doing all we can to ensure you are using the most environmentally friendly, sustainable packaging possible.  That’s why we are continually adding to our ranges and stocking new, innovative packaging solutions that help reduce the impact that packaging has on the environment and work towards eradicating plastics for a greener future.

Priory Elements Eco Padded Envelopes™

The ideal eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic lined bags, our Priory Elements Eco Padded Envelopes are made entirely of paper and glue - no plastic included! Made from recycled materials, these paper padded bags are recyclable, biodegradable, plastic free and compostable, making them the ultimate eco postal packaging solution. 

Featuring a honeycomb-effect inner lining, these bags offer an excellent level of protection to your goods, ensuring they arrive safely with your customers, whilst the kraft paper outer creates a rustic, eco-friendly finish - helping you convey your eco message. Stocked in 6 popular sizes, shop the range today and pack your way to a plastic-free future.

Priory Elements Ecolopes™

Reduce your impact on the environment by sending your goods in our plastic-free, recyclable, biodegradable fluted envelopes. Made completely from paper and glue, these envelopes feature a corrugated inner material that offers just the right amount of protection to non-fragile goods and are lightweight enough to keep postal costs to a minimum. Stocked in 6 versatile, popular sizes, our Ecolopes are the ideal plastic-free alternative to traditional plastic lined bags. Check out the range today!

Make The Swap Today

You may think that you need to totally overhaul your whole operation, but even the smallest of changes can have the largest effect. By simply swapping your postal packaging to one of our plastic-free alternatives, you are working towards eliminating your businesses’ plastic consumption and helping to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in our environment. See what simple swaps your business can make and find out more about how you can go plastic-free.

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