New Brand Book! Same, but different at Nelly

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Hi Affiliates,

On Thursday, the 22nd of January, we’re changing the names of our own produced brands. From Thursday on-wards, all our brands will begin with NLY.

Here is a list of our New Nelly Brands;

NLY Trend, NLY Icons, NLY Eve, NLY Sport, NLY Accessories, NLY, Shoes, NLY ONE, NLY Design, NLY Beach, NLY Lingerie and NLY Blush.

Discover sneak peek's from all the brands below; 

Notion 1.3 becomes NLY Design

nelly 2015 5

Oneness becomes NLY ONE

nelly 2015 6

Wonderland becomes NLY Beach

nelly 2015 7

Wonderland also becomes NLY Lingerie

nelly 2015 8

Jeane Blush = NLY Blush

nelly 2015 9

NLY Trend stays NLY Trend

nelly 2015 10

NLY Shoes stays NLY Shoes

nelly 2015 11

NLY Sport stays NLY Sport

nelly 2015 12

NLY Accessories stays NLY Accessories

nelly 2015 13

NLY Eve stays NLY Eve

nelly 2015 14

Please note some links may not work until products are live tomorrow.

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Nelly Affiliate Team xx