New Artists and Sell Out Releases - £100 to £4500 @ 10% CPA

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10% Commission on all featured pieces!

Artist From CPA Link
CJP £100 10% Link
The London Police £200 10% Link
Kai and Sunny £340 10% Link
David Wightman £175 10% Link
VeeBee £2500 10% Link
Lucy Bryant £80 10% Link

New Artist

We are extremely excited to announce that we are now working with CJP and have a range of their amazing prints available.

Point your audience to this talented artist here:

Invoking space, nature and corkscrews, the technical detail on CJP's ensures admiration from all that see it. With a background as an art director and photographer, his current aesthetic reflects the overlap of disciplines: his intricately skilled, original artworks and prints resemble grainy black and white photographs, each one carefully illustrated with painstaking detail and astonishing artistic nuance.

From £100

Sell Out Release - Limited Stock

To much fanfare The London Police launched a new print this week, selling out on Instagram in just a few hours. artrepublic have managed to secure the few remaining prints, so move fast to earn your commission!

£50 / £200

View them here:

Box Sets from Kai and Sunny

Popular Duo Kai and Sunny released a much acclaimed box set featuring 5 silkscreen prints. Building on intricate, geometric forms, their work foregrounds texture and perspective with artistic prowess, for a distinctive and compelling aesthetic.
At £340 this box set is fantastic value for such a popular and well respected artist.

Link to them here

From £340

Mountains of Colour

From £175

The bursting artwork of David Wightman sees two new additions to his catalogue: Ottoline and Arcadia IV. These stunning pieces combine layers of colour to form clean natural landscapes that capture attention in any room.

See more here

VeeBee Originals

Artist VeeBee has released new large statement mixed media work, framed beautifully in delicate ornate frames. From sausage dogs to celebrities, VeeBee always proves popular!

See the full range:

Sausage Dog Remix
Kate Moss
Dancing in the Rain

A Unique Take on The Classics

Lucy Bryant's work never fails to amuse and her recently releases are no expection. Her artwork is both subtle and at times not so subtle! A fun take on the traditional classics.

Her full range of work can be seen here:

Easyjet - £80 Snapchat - £80 Crane - £80