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DECIEM. We are not normal.

DECIEM. We are not normal.


We are not normal.
Because normal is boring.

  • “I've never met a DECIEM product that I didn't like..." - British Beauty Blogger 5th June 2014
  • We are your new favourite advertiser.
  • 7% Commission on price excluding tax and delivery.
  • Worldwide shipping.
  • Four brands, four sites, one basket. Four times the opportunity to promote. Everything in the basket still earns commission.
  • Six more brands scheduled to launch within a year.


Still there? Lovely. Hello. You're looking peachy today.

We are a very unconventional beauty company. We're a boutique umbrella of beauty brands, doing all the things we're not supposed to do so we can make things better in the world of beauty.

You'd like to hear about the brands? Of course. Everyone loves them.


A range of serums and creams that reduce the apparent visibility and regrowth of hair, wherever hair grows.

Inhibitif Banner

Inhibitif Banner


Winner of the 2014 Cosmopolitan Breakthrough Beauty Award 2014. A range of drinkable food supplements.


Hand Chemistry

Includes the no.1 best selling hand cream in Boots UK (based on sales value between 30th Oct 2013 and 30th Jun 2013). Creams and gels, more advanced than most facial skincare.

HC Standard Banner Intense Youth ComplexGrow Gorgeous

A family of hair products including cleansing conditioners, a growth serum and a treatment for split ends.

Grow Gorgeous

Grow Gorgeous

Black Friday bundles - coming very soon!
Our Black Friday bundles will be available very soon for preorder. Prices vary by territory, but these will appear in our product feed when visible.
Hand Chemistry bundle:
Intense Youth Complex 100ml + HA3 Triple-Function Hyaluronic-Rich Hydrator 60ml + Hyaluronic Concentrate 240ml.
Bought separately: 53GBP. Bought in Black Friday bundle: 20GBP. Save 62%!!!
Fountain bundle:
The Phyto-Collagen Molecule + The Hyaluronic Molecule + The Hair Molecule.
Bought separately: 103GBP. Bought in Black Friday bundle: 40GBP. Save 61%!!!
Inhibitif bundle:
Body Serum 120ml + Face Serum + Intimate Care
Bought separately: 54GBP. Bought in the Black Friday bundle: 20 GBP. Save 63%!!!
Grow Gorgeous bundle:
Hair Growth Serum + Back Into The Roots
Bought separately: 53GBP. Bought in the Black Friday bundle: 20GBP. Save 62%!!!
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We have separate data feeds for our ranges across our different price bands.
If you need any help please do not hesitate to contact us. Email if there's something we should or could be doing that you need, and that we aren't.
Did we mention you're looking peachy?

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