NCP – May Pay-day sale – 10% off on selected airport parking

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Dear affiliate,

Hope you are well.

NCP will be promoting below promotional code for NCP Airport from tomorrow 30/05/2019 until the 05/06/2019 and we’d like you to promote it.

Please find as follows the details for you to schedule and promote the codes:

Offer Descrip. Offer Code Member / Non-Member Discount Airports / City Specific car parks First booking date Last booking date Entry date Last Entry Date Exclusion Dates Other Exclusions
Affiliates - Online AJFLY19 Member only 10% Airports BHX (Valet) Thu-30-May-19 Sun-02-June-19 Mon-15-Jul-19 Fri-16-Aug-19 N/A Min LOS: 5 Days
NWI (Short Stay and Long Stay) Already discounted products or fixed price
EDI (Scotpark)  


Landing page:!!!id!!!&


NCP Affiliate Team