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Help us spread the joy in parenting with our app.

We are looking to push downloads of our app with our affiliates and in return you can earn up to £5 commission for each download.

Our app unlocks knowledge that gives parents the confidence they are doing the right things and puts it into their pockets, giving access 24/7, improving outcomes for children and giving parents more joy.

Our mission is to help 8 million parents across the globe see there is a way that is better for you and better for your child.

A way that gives your child the best start in life without creating extra work for you because let's face it; this parenting thing is hard enough without adding additional stress caused by unrealistic expectations.

Why download our App?

There is no manual for parenting – but we want this to be the next best thing! My First Five Years is an award-winning app that provides the tools, knowledge and support to encourage your Child’s development in their first five years.

Features to support the first five years of development needs include:

- A bank of 2000+ hints, tips, hacks and activity ideas to support each child's unique place in their learning, surfaced to the parent when relevant to support their development

- Get 6 new activities every day with our mix of 6

- 1000+ skills for your baby to master in their first five years

- Skills tracker to record observations and achievements - just like the early years experts do

- Store photos, videos and messages as memories in your own scrapbook

- Connect with other families, share experiences and learn in our community group chats about breastfeeding, premature babies, child development, and more

*All content is created by early years experts with extensive experience in children’s early years development*

Here's what some of our customers say:

“One of my favourite features of the app is the range of fun and simple activities tailored to help your child to meet their next milestone” - Danielle

“Very easy to follow, step-by-step development points and ideas to support working towards and achieving them” - Sarah

“This app makes me stop and think. I’d be lost without it….”

“Basically, I really like this app. I think it's great. I wish more people knew about it…I think some of my friends could do with this support”

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Terms and conditions

Commission will only be paid on subscription sign up. This is when a user has become a paying subscriber, not when the free trial ends. You won't be eligible for commission if you cancel your first month’s subscription. The offer is only available once per customer and cannot be combined with an active MFFY subscription or any other offers. After the trial period, customers will be charged a standard subscription with a monthly renewal of £4.99 per month or £39.99 per year.

What will stop me from getting commission?

- Cashback will only be payable once a user has become a full paying subscriber after the Free Trial

- You won't be eligible for cashback if you cancel within 24 hours or before a full month's subscription has occurred

- You cannot get cashback if you use another offer or promotional code or if you have a current subscription

- The commission is only payable one time per customer

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