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There is something about medieval tales of magic, love, fantasy, and war, that captivates and draws us all in. Maybe it’s the characters, maybe it’s the epic journeys, or maybe it’s the way that each film shows us hints of what life used to be like and allows us to escape to a time that is far different to our own.

The middle ages were full of inspiring, devious, and intriguing characters from royals to peasants, and these have made for popular films and television series – The White Queen is testament to that! To celebrate the release of The White Queen on DVD we have a selection of over 50 of the best, with prices starting from £5.99!


The White Queen - Movie Mail

The White Queen Series 1 (Blu Ray) - Was £49.99 Now £35.99

Based on Philippa Gregory's bestselling The Cousins' War series,

The White Queen is a rich tale of love and loss, seduction and deception, betrayal and murder, vibrantly woven through the stories of three different yet equally driven women - Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret Beaufort and Anne Neville.





Merlin - Movie Mail

Merlin Series 1 - Was £24.99 Now £12.99

All 13 episodes from the first season of the BBC drama series set in the mythical city of Camelot, which tells the tale of the extraordinary relationship between the young King Arthur (Bradley James) and Merlin (Colin Morgan), the wise sorcerer who guides him to power and beyond. John Hurt, Richard Wilson and Anthony Head co-star.




Pillars of the Earth Movie Mail

Pillars of the Earth - Was £17.99 Now £14.99


Ken Follett's best-selling historical novel is brought to life in this star-filled, critically-acclaimed eight-part miniseries. Set against the tumultuous backdrop of civil war in the 12th century, the series chronicles the building of a cathedral in the town of Kingsbridge and follows the intertwining stories of the people involved in the project, from master builder Tom (Rufus Sewell) to stonemason Jack (Eddie Redmayne).




Black Death Movie Mail

The Black Death - Was 15.99 Now £6.99


Adventure drama set during the first outbreak of bubonic plague -the 'Black Death' - in England in the Middle Ages. A band of brothers led by the feared knight, Ulric (Sean Bean), sets out on a quest to hunt down a necromancer after sending a young monk, Osmund (Eddie Redmayne), to investigate rumours of people being brought back to life. When Osmund discovers the identity of the necromancer, a mysterious and beautiful young woman called Langiva (Carice van Houten), he finds himself torn between his love of God and his love for the young mistress of Satanic arts.




Holy Grail Movie Mail

Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Ultimate Edition) - Was £19.99 Now £6.99


Sublime insanity from the Monty Python team in their second feature, The Holy Grail finds King Arthur and his trusty knights fearlessly (for the most part) travelling the length and breadth of the country in search of the mythical object. On their way they have to deal with the sarcastic taunts of the French Knight, the Knights who say 'Ni', Tim the Enchanter, a bevy of distinctly left-wing peasants and the Terror of the Cave of Caerbannog (amongst other things).




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