More New Banners & A New TV Campaign At Guide Dogs!

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More New Banners & A New TV Campaign At Guide Dogs!

Here at Sponsor a Puppy we wanted to highlight the 2nd of our two TV adverts which will launch on 25th April. There is a selection of banners below which match this advert.
This new ad is about Jill and her guide dog Lucas, who are an amazing team – with Lucas giving Jill the independence to lead a successful career as a radio presenter and enjoy a vibrant social life with her friends.
“I’ve enjoyed every minute of the filming” Jill told us, “Lucas has been amazing too, he’s definitely not camera shy!”

Jill’s story really moved us – and we can’t wait to share it with you. Keep an eye out for our new ads on your TV screens. And, be sure to check back on the Sponsor a Puppy website to see them first, and share them with all your friends and family!

Both the ‘Dave & Quince’ and ‘Jazz the Dog’ TV campaigns previously generated a huge increase in traffic, and thus interest, in the charity. This will be a great time to promote Guide Dogs! We have attached a selection of new banners to accompany this campaign.

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