MOO launches 30% off Summer Sale

Written by Laura Preece on . Posted in Affiliate Incentive, Awin, Business Services (B2B), Offers/Promotions, Office, Promotion, Promotion Type, Sector

It's the summer sale - and this time it's serious
Okay, we know, saving money is always serious. But this summer sale is particularly special, because we're offering a (hefty!) 30% off absolutely everything at MOO.

And when we say everything, we do mean everything - including all our Accessories, MiniCards and (drumroll please) our new, never-before-discounted Luxe Business Cards.

Spread the word on your website or blog, but you'll need to be quick - the sale ends on 14th July (that's only four days!)* We've created some text links to help you do this, you can find these in the Affiliate Window interface.

And to give you an extra incentive to promote this great offer, you can also earn double commission on every valid order throughout July. You'll get £10 for every new customer order and £3 for returning orders until 31st July.

That's all for now,

Laura Preece
MOO Affiliate Marketing Manager

* This discount is valid until midnight PST 14th July 2012 and excludes shipping and Rush Printing.