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It's been over a year since we first approached Awin and asked to join this platform, at the time we did not meet the requirements to join. After a year of marketing like mad we're happy to say we have finally been approved, have integrated all the website magic and have finally reached LAUCH DAY! Safe to say we're super excited about working with all of you over the many years to come.

We're not that picky....

As i'm not 100% sure on what i need to put in here, i think the best option is to wing it...

So now that we're open for business on Awin please just apply, no matter how you promote us we will be more than happy for anyone and everyone to join our programme.

About our programme

We try to be fair in everything we do and we apply this with our affiliate programme, so we will start you off with 5% commission on every sale, from there we offered a tired system for commission going all the way up to 10% commission. Here is some more information on the commission structure that we offer.

Monthly Sales Commission %
£0.00 - £5,000        5%
£5,001 - £7,000        7%
£7,001 - £8,500        8%
£8,501 - £10,000        9%
£10,001 +        10%

Please note that we do offer enhance commission % in exchange for enhanced website exposure. Please contact us for details. 

Sign Off

So now you know the details about our programme we hope you would like to work with us!

Happy Selling!


Phillip Walker

Marketing Manager 

Monster Group (UK) Limited

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