moneycorp: Benefits of partnering with moneycorp

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Benefits of partnering with moneycorp

A currency exchange specialist can be a valuable partner for building customer loyalty

It’s a small world – international travel is now commonplace and many people own properties overseas or visit family or friends working or studying abroad. Many more make frequent trips to pursue hobbies such as golf because they can be enjoyed so much more in the more clement weather of Portugal or Spain. This is why so many people could benefit from an account with a specialist currency provider – high street banks may not offer the best rate of exchange and charge higher fees of up to £40 per transaction. If you think of all the trips you make in a year, or add up the payments for maintaining a property or an overseas golf club membership, that’s a lot of unnecessary costs over the course of the year. In additional, specialists can provide market guidance and access to a range of tools to help people manage their money overseas.

Why partner with moneycorp?

moneycorp is a well-established currency exchange specialist which has enjoyed over 35 years of success and processed 7 million customer transactions in 2016 alone. As well as great rates, moneycorp are currently offering fee-free transactions.

As a trusted partner to moneycorp, you can:

Expand your customer proposition to include access to expert currency market guidance and specialist tools for managing funds across borders;

Build customer loyalty by adding a service which helps your customers save money;

Gain greater insight into your customers to allow your business to remain agile in changing international markets;

Extend your company’s reputation and credibility with a high-quality, complementary service;

Receive financial rewards for customer referrals to the service.

moneycorp offers all our clients a professional service that helps companies and individuals identify and manage foreign exchange exposures and  make international payments. As a moneycorp partner, you can offer your customers an excellent, value-added service which helps them save money and you secure your brand value.

moneycorp is a trading name of TTT Moneycorp Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for the provision of payment services.