Mobile Phone Insurance – From £1.49 Per Month

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Mobile Phone Insurance – From £1.49 Per Month

Mobile Phone Insurance – from £1.49 per month or
Buy our annual policy and get 3 months EXTRA cover!


In today’s world the mobile phone is so much more than just a tool, and as a result when your handset gets lost, damaged or stolen it can feel like being cut off from the world, but we aim to remove the stress and get you back in touch with those important people as soon as is possible with our comprehensive insurance policies. Given the cost of replacing a damaged phone, insurance is more of an essential than ever before, and no site makes it easier to find the right plan for you and your phone.

Mobile Insurance

We Insure All Mobile Phones:

So for an instant and unbeatable mobile insurance quote, just hit the purple button now! Whether you need mobile insurance for work or whether you just want a mobile phone insurance policy that will cover you for personal use, have the right package at the right price!

Here’s a selection of our most popular mobile phone insurance policies:

iPhone 5 Insurance

It`s a fact that 25% of all iPhone users are going around with a cracked screen, which incidentally occurred in the first three months of owning it. Rather than spending £150 or more repairing the phone, they keep using it with the broken screen, some even fork out for an upgrade.

Taking our iPhone insurance would mean that from only £4.39 per month, you don`t need to worry about having a busted phone for the rest of it`s contract.

See all our iPhone insurance policies to select the one that`s right for you.

Cover starts from £4.39 per month

Blackberry Z10

Thank goodness that a phone manufacturer has helped our cause by making their phone water resistant. As water damage for a large proportion of our claims, owners can rest easy.

Unfortunately though, it`s not only water damage which cause the demise of our treasured mobiles. There are some unscrupulous characters out there, that are looking at your phone and thinking of ways of taking it from you. Protecting your phone against theft is a sure fire way to make sure you`re still connected if the thief is successful.

Our cover starts from just £4.39 per month to insure your Blackberry Z10 – check out our other Blackberry insurance policies.

Cover starts from £4.39 per month

Samsung Galaxy S3

Topping the chart of our most unreliable mobile phones, it is imperative that you take our our insurance for your phone. Covering you for breakdown when it`s outside your warranty period, our insurance will be just what you need to get back connected.

Our cover starts from just £4.39 per month for this phone, can you afford not to insure it? Check out all our Samsung insurance policies

Cover starts from £4.39 per month

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We Insure All Mobile Phones:
iPhone 5 Insurance - Cover starts from £4.39 per month
Blackberry Z10 - Cover starts from £4.39 per month
Samsung Galaxy S3 - Cover starts from £4.39 per month