Men's Offers At Slendertone

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Slendertone has developed a range of clinically proven facial toners that enable you, along with our other toning products, to look great from top to bottom. Whether you're after improving your complexion or just want to give your face a lift, Slendertone has the perfect selection of offers, to get your body into shape.

Men's Offers
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Men's Offers - Face

Slendertone Face Pads - Buy 1 Get 1 Free
Slendertone Face Pads - Buy 1 Get 1 Free
Slendertone Face Replacement Pads use patented "smart" technology that acts as the conductor of the current to ensure a comfortable, gentle and even delivery of the therapy to the correct nerve. The gel pads use medical grade gel and their adhesive properties expire after around 5 days of exposure to air. Using with make-up will shorten the life of the pads. We anticipate 5 uses per set of pads.
Was £50.00
Now £25.00


Men's Offers - Arms

Slendertone Arms Male Accessory
Slendertone Arms Male Accessory
Get stronger more toned arms with New Slendertone Arms Male Accessory (requires a rechargeable & interchangeable controller). The product activates biceps (biceps brachii) and triceps (triceps brachii), replicating arm toning exercises for a full workout.
The New Slendertone Arms Male Accessory uses advanced clinically proven Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Toning Technology to target the biceps and triceps, helping you to achieve more toned, stronger arms.
Now £39.99


Men's Offers - Abs

New Slendertone Abs Male
New Slendertone Abs Male
Ultimate toning belt for men - 150 intensity levels, 10 programmes, 3 for use whilst exercising. Results in 4 weeks. Rechargeable.
Was £149.99
Now £119.99