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The history of denim begins in the town of Nimes in France, where they produced a rugged, hardwearing cloth dyed with indigo that was known as serge de Nimes - hence the name. The fabric was first used to create workwear jackets and pants in the USA during the 19th century and today, has become a wardrobe staple. However, that doesn’t mean you have to stick with the same old favourites season after season: ETO designer jeans come in an array of different finishes and washes from stonewash to acid wash, so you can keep your look up to date.

After black, dark stonewash is the darkest wash found in our collection. The jeans are just briefly stonewashed to remove some of the stiffness from the fabric but still leaving them a rich dark blue. The longer the jeans are washed, the lighter they become: light stonewash is a pale blue denim with a soft handle and a faded appearance, perfect for summer wear, while mid wash or mid stonewash is a classic blue with slight fading along the seams.

Capture the 1980s look with acid wash, sometimes known as snow or marble wash: to achieve this look, the jeans are washed with chlorine-soaked pumice stones to create contrasting streaks and flashes. Another of the season’s key trends is black coated denim: here, the fabric is coated with PU before it leaves the mill, creating a long-lasting finish that gives a garment a smarter, more structured look.

You might not have come across the term hyper stretch before. Most often used for skinny fit designer jeans, hyper stretch denim contains a high percentage of lycra so that it is ultra comfortable to wear and moves with you, even in the slimmest fit styles.

For more inspiration, check out the latest designer looks in the ETO range and refresh your look for the new season.

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