Meet Iggy, Our New Sponsor At Hearing Dogs

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Meet Iggy, Our New Sponsor At Hearing Dogs

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is the UK’s second largest assistance dog charity. The charity was launched at the world famous Crufts dog show in 1982. Since then we have created nearly 2,000 life-changing partnerships between deaf people and hearing dogs in the UK. There are currently around 1,000 working partnerships in the country.

We train hearing dogs to alert deaf children and adults to important household sounds and danger signals such as the alarm clock, doorbell, telephone and smoke alarm. They can also alert a deaf person to the call of a family member. Click here to sponsor a dog.

Meet Iggy

Sponsor hearing dog puppy Iggy from just £3 a month. You’ll get 18 months of updates, a fantastic welcome pack plus bonus content in our online Puppy Pen.
Name: Iggy
Date of Birth: 3 February 2015
Sex: Male
Breed: Cockapoo
Colour: Black
Currently living with: Puppy socialising volunteer Cathy

Iggy is an adorable fluffy Cockapoo puppy who is full of energy and has a bit of mischievous side.
Even though he’s just eight-weeks-old, Iggy has had a fantastic start to life as a hearing dog puppy. He’s part of mum Phoebe’s second Hearing Dogs litter and she’s once again been a delightfully caring and playful mum.
These important traits have clearly rubbed off on our little Iggy as he adores cuddles and attention – but also loves to run wild in the garden! He has a real fondness for the big toys at his new home with puppy socialiser Cathy and her pet dog Kai. He’s settled in really well and has already been introduced to lots of new exciting sounds, people and places.

Training progress:
Iggy took to his first training class really well – and loved meeting other hearing dog puppies. He’s already practising his sit and it won’t be long until he’s mastered it.
Over the next few months Iggy will learn all of the basic skills and good manners that he’ll need as a hearing dog. He will also get to explore lots of new exciting places like parks, shops and even public transport as part of his training.

To sponsor Iggy, click here.


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