Meet Honey, Our New Sponsor At Hearing Dogs

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Meet Honey, Our New Sponsor At Hearing Dogs

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People the UK’s second largest assistance dog charity. Hearing dogs are easily recognisable by their distinctive burgundy jacket and lead slips, which helps to identify the recipient’s otherwise ‘invisible’ disability, bringing increased peace of mind for the deaf person.

Deafness can be a very isolating and lonely disability; a hearing dog can offer a life-transforming practical alternative to technical equipment – particularly for those deaf people who find such equipment restricting – with the added benefit of giving the recipient greater independence, increased confidence, companionship and a feeling of security.  Click here to sponsor a dog.

Meet Honey

Sponsor hearing dog puppy Honey from just £3 a month. You’ll get 18 months of updates, a fantastic welcome pack plus bonus content in our online Puppy Pen.

Name: Honey
Date of Birth: 29 January 2015
Sex: Female
Breed: Labrador
Colour: Golden
Currently living with: Puppy socialising volunteer Louise

Honey is a gentle, good-natured Labrador puppy who also has a bold adventurous side.
Honey is the smallest of five pups born to hearing dog mum Lottie and is very cute and cuddly. Despite being smaller than her brothers and sisters, she’s always been adventurous and loves to explore new surroundings. But there’s nothing she loves more than a well-deserved cuddle – and as you can imagine she’s never short of takers.
When she was around nine-weeks-old Honey went to live with her puppy socialiser Louise. She was a bit timid when she arrived but she’s much more confident now and loves relaxing in the conservatory.

Training progress:
Honey has been to her first puppy class at our training centre in Buckinghamshire, where she met her trainer Katie and the other puppies in her class. Honey got on really well, grasping the command for ‘sit’ and enjoying some edible rewards.
Over the next few months Honey will continue attending classes where she will learn all of the basic skills, obedience and good manners that she’ll need to become a hearing dog.

To sponsor Honey, click here.


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