Medicanimal Offers - Deals on all Pet Essentials - End on November, 30th

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For every pet essential a great deal from

Hello Camille,

The health of your pet is crucial to you, and in order to maintain this you need to ensure you have all your pet essentials to hand! Worming, flea treatment, good quality food and the right accessories for the season!

We are offering you a few of the best quality products at great prices, across all the important pet categories.

Royal Canin Size Health  Buy 2x1.5-4kg and receive £5 off* Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition  Buy 2x3.5-4kg and receive £5 off* Buy 2x10kg and receive £10 off*
Royal Canin diets provide precise nutritional solutions to your pet’s needs. Each of their products is based on our extensive knowledge of dogs, gained through years of studies at their own centre, partnerships with leading veterinary schools and universities, and continued input from veterinarians and breeders worldwide. Whether we love cats for their beauty, their elegance or their agility, a cat is above all a subtle companion.

Way of life, sensitivities and age are all crucial parameters when it comes to choosing the right nutritional answer. Because nothing is more attractive than a cat in good physical shape, Royal Canin has developed FELINE HEALTH NUTRITION, a range of tailor-made products adapted to each cat’s specific needs.

Eukanuba   10% off all 3 and 15kg bags* Iams Dog  10% off all 3 and 15kg bags*
Eukanuba believe dogs evolved from carnivores and should be fed accordingly. That’s why they use high-quality animal proteins, mainly chicken or lamb – not vegetables - as the main source of protein in Eukanuba dog food. It’s how they believe nature intended dogs to eat. Not just food. Nutrition for life. That's the beauty of Iams Proactive Health Dog food - proactively nourishes your dog to help promote 7 signs of healthy vitality.
Drontal®  An extra 10% off* Fiprospot® Extra 20% off*
  • Drontal kills every type of intestinal worm commonly found in UK dogs and cats
  • Drontal for routine worming - simple, single dose*
  • Drontal can be given with or without food
  • The Drontal range has a wormer for every type of dog, i.e. breed, size and age
  • Drontal contains praziquantel, the only Tapeworm treatment ingredient allowed for the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) certification
Feline flea treatment wins FAB ‘Easy to Give’ accolade

Fiprospot for Cats and Dogs are an easy to use treatment and/or prevention of infestations by fleas.

FLEXI®  Extra 10% off* Coats  Extra 10% off*
Recognized as one of the most innovative dog products of the year judged on usefulness, durability, value and creativity. Hurtta, and Ancol have developed a range of fantastic coats, great for the colder, wetter weather!
Seraquin®  Extra 10% off* Fish4dogs   Extra 10% off*
Seraquin is a joint supplement containing Glucosamine and Chondroitin. These ingredients occur naturally in the body, as part of the make-up of cartilage. What makes Seraquin special is the inclusion of curcuminoids, which are potent natural antioxidants. This ingredient may help mop up radicals in the joint which contribute to degeneration of the cartilage. Finest Fish4Dogs Complete Dog Food contains over 55% fish plus vitamins and minerals for a complete daily diet for healthy dogs meeting the different life-stage requirements of all dogs from junior dogs through to senior dogs.
Dentagen Aqua & Bitter Spray  Extra 30% off* Cleanaural and Dermallay Neutrale Shampoos  Extra 20% off*
Suitable for cats and dogs, Dentagen products are providing continuous protection against plaque formation.

SpeciCare Bitter Spray is an extremely bitter deterrent spray that prevents pets from licking and biting wounds, bandages and other objects.

CleanAural is for the routine cleaning and removal of ear wax and debris. It can be used in the treatment and prevention of otitis.

Neutrale is a mild conditioning shampoo formulated to maintain a healthy, glossy coat and is suitable for frequent use. It is pH balanced and contains no colourings or perfumes.

DermAllay Shampoos are a range of shampoos designed to take best care of your pet. Useful in restoring coat condition and moisturising the skin, or taking care of sensitive skin conditions.

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Offer Ends 31st October 2012

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