lowcostholidays Launches with Call Window!

Written by Lauren AW on . Posted in Affiliate Window, Network, Policy Updates, Tickets, Travel, UK, Updates


Hi Affiliates,


We are extremely pleased to announce that the lowcostholidays programme is now live with Call Window, Affiliate Window’s call tracking solution!


This means that you will be rewarded a commission of £2.83 for all calls over 4 minutes that are driven from your site.

Qualified calls will track into Darwin EVERY HOUR and you can identify these via our ‘device reporting’ (in the same way you would recognize a sale made via a mobile device). There is also a Call Window specific commission group.


We also have the ability to provide phone numbers for affiliates to promote on their site, so if you think that you have the ability to drive calls directly from your site, please get in contact for more information.



If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about Call Window, please get in touch at lowcostholidays@affiliatewindow.com.


Kind Regards,


The lowcostholidays Affiliate Team