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If you’re like a lot of guys, you may think owning 1 pair of jeans is the same as owning all jeans, but nowadays its important to know the difference between loose fit and regular fit jeans. What we mean is that knowing the look and fit of the jeans are essential to their style. Relaxed fit or loose fit refers to the entire fit of the jeans. Additional alternatives to these fits are "skinny" or "Bootcut."

Loose Fit Jeans

Loose fit jeans are liable to be baggier in the butt and throughout the thigh. Loose fit jeans are inclined to have a lesser "form" and doesn't grip any one area. Loose fit jeans are a wise option for you if you are a bigger guy or if you just want more room in a definite area. Loose fit jeans, a casual tee, tennis shoes or sandals are a great alternative to for a comfy look.

Be cautious when buying loose jeans, they can make you look a little silly if you buy them too big; unless you are specifically going for that look. If you are wearing pants or just really long shorts. If you want an all-around pair of loose fit jeans that you can hang out in search for something like a loose fit pair along with a bootcut or straight leg.

When we talk about relaxed fit we mean it's a bit more looser compared to the normal fit. The main thing that has to be considered is the comfort found in Relaxed Jeans. The relaxed fit are a great mix between straight and loose fit jeans, perfect for the smart-casual look.

Now, let’s see the basic introduction about three types of jeans:

Loose Fit

Loose Fit Jeans (Back View)

Loose fit jeans continue in structure through the seat, thigh, as well as down through the legs of the jean. This produces a more shapeless look. With this design the loose fit jean is wear easily over boots and still allows for movement.

Relaxed Fit
Relaxed fit jeans continue in form through the seat, thigh, and then tapers at the knee. This fit is more relaxed in the thigh region and still offers shape to the jean. This design allows for comfort but is not too baggy.

Other Fits

Skinny Jeans

The function of the jean is stated in the fit. Loose fit jeans are as stated "loose" throughout the fit of the jean. Relaxed fit jeans are "relaxed" in the thigh of the jean. Other fits are "bootcut" which taper to the knee and then flare out slightly to accommodate boots. The purpose of "skinny" jeans are to fit tightly.


Loose fit jeans are one of the most stylish and comfortable attire for men. This article has all the details you need about loose fit jeans.

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