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What’s Happening at ZSL London Zoo!

Butterfly Paradise at ZSL London this February half term

Keepers at ZSL London Zoo are all in a flutter over the Zoo’s newly-refreshed Butterfly Paradise, ready for visitors this February half term.

Butterfly Paradise has undergone a transformation not unlike that of its inhabitants, emerging shiny and new for 2015 with updated features including a puparium where visitors can witness the fascinating lifecycle of butterflies and moths, right in front of their eyes.

Home to more than 30 different species of butterflies and moths from South America, South Africa and Southeast Asia, visitors will glimpse delicate glasswing butterflies (Greta oto), spot striking blue morpho butterflies (Morpho peleides), and spy stunning Atlas moths (Attacus atlas), one of the world’s largest moths, with an impressive wing-span of up to 30cm (12in).

Designed to resemble a giant caterpillar, Butterfly Paradise is a walk-through tropical haven, carefully planted and heated to a balmy 27 degrees to provide the perfect habitat for the beautiful invertebrates, which fly freely overhead in the exotic environment.

Visitors will have the chance to get up close and learn more from ZSL London Zoo’s Butterfly Ambassadors, who will be on-hand to share fun butterfly and moth facts.

Exclusively open for February half term only, visitors can explore the wonderful world of butterflies and moths in the ‘Secret Garden’ at ZSL London Zoo’s activity den. Kids can collect nectar from flowers while wearing their own human-sized proboscis – a tongue-like stem that butterflies use to drink and eat - and discover all there is to know about the butterfly and moth lifecycle with interactive models.

ZSL London Zoo, part of international conservation charity the Zoological Society of London, opened the world’s first Insect House in 1881. Predominantly featuring butterflies and moths, it has been proudly celebrating and conserving these threatened invertebrates ever since, including supporting butterfly breeding centres in Costa Rica and creating wild habitats at ZSL London Zoo to help native species.

There’s something for everyone to enjoy at ZSL London Zoo this half term, find out more and book a visit now at

Butterflies in your tummy? | Zoological Society of London (ZSL)

Baby gorilla born at ZSL London Zoo

We are delighted to announce the birth of a critically-endangered Western lowland gorilla at ZSL London Zoo.

Following an eight and a half month gestation period, 15-year-old mum Mjukuu gave birth to the baby last December. Keepers at ZSL London Zoo are delighted to announce our new Western lowland gorilla is a girl!

This adorable new arrival has been christened with the name ‘Alika’ – meaning ‘most beautiful’. And as the first offspring of resident silverback Kumbuka, we certainly think her father would approve of the name.

Alika was born at the Zoo on Wednesday 10th December, following an eight and half month gestation period. She’s cared for by her mother Mjukuu, a 15-year-old gorilla who caught father Kumbuka’s eye on his arrival in 2013.

Since her birth, both Alika and her mother are continuing to do well, and the rest of the troop are very settled with the new arrival.

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