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What’s Happening at ZSL London Zoo!

Halloween half term at ZSL London Zoo!

ZSL London Zoo will be hosting a fun week of spooky goings on this Halloween half term (25 October - 2 November) with a little help from some of its furry, feathery and scaly friends.

Boo at the Zoo will offer visitors a packed week of ghoulish animal treats that will see them howling with delight as they get up close and personal with mighty owls, enter the Black Widow’s Lair and face a mystery feely-box challenge.

Putting on an extra brave face, visitors will travel through hair-raising activity stops, meeting rats, bats, spiders and owls, using their Boo at the Zoo activity passport to gain stamps.

On their journeys visitors can stop by the Zoo’s Victorian Grim Curiosity Shoppe, full of creepy and eccentric objects from the Zoological Society of London’s historical collections, and join in with fun spells with a surprise reptilian guest.

Throughout the day the mysterious Mr Darkmire will draw back the curtain of the Grim Curiosity Shoppe to reveal a hidden inner sanctum – the Owl Emporium. A secret room, lit only by flickering lanterns, visitors will be wowed by the Zoo’s incredible owls demonstrating their amazing nocturnal abilities.

Other alarming activity zones include the ‘Bat Cave’, where travellers of all ages can create crafty creatures and make tasty treats for the Zoo’s own cloud of Seba’s short-tailed bats to enjoy, and Meet the Rat Pack where those who dare can experience close encounters of the rodent kind.

The family friendly Halloween week will run from 25 October – 2 November with Boo at the Zoo activities taking place between11am – 3pm, all activities are included in the usual price of entry to the Zoo.

ZSL London Zoo Boo at the Zoo – list of activities: 

Grim Curiosity Shoppe – a spooky Halloween room filled with ZSL’s collection of creepiest objects.

Spooky storytime –fun & interactive spell making sessions taking place in the Grim Curiosity Shoppe.

Owl emporium - an incredible demonstration of the Zoo’s owls and their nocturnal abilities.

Bat cave – fun bat themed crafts & treat making lessons for the Zoo’s bats.
Black widow’s lair – the activity den will be transformed into an arachnophobe’s nightmare. Visitors can partake in the invertebrate animal themed ‘Big Draw’.

The lizard lounge – in the reptile house foyer featuring freaky feely boxes and reptile touch tables.

Sea monsters reef – held in the aquarium, a collaborative and artistic, mural project with the theme of underwater habitat.

Meet the rat pack – a furry close encounter of rodent kind, focusing on rats’ incredible climbing abilities.

Eerie enrichment - kids will have the opportunity to carve Halloween pumpkins filled with special treats for the animals.

Completed Boo at the Zoo passports can be entered at the end of visitors’ days for the chance to win a monster prize-pack. For more information visit:


ZSL London Zoo celebrates arrival of new baby tamarins!

Two of ZSL London Zoo’s tiniest creatures have been born on the week of the 25th August.

The twin monkeys have joined the diverse tropical family of ZSL London Zoo’s Rainforest Life exhibit where tamarins, sloths, tamanduas, and red titi monkeys roam.

The twins, who spend most of their day latched onto dad, have been named Winnie and Piglet by zookeepers ahead of the Winnie the bear celebration at the Little Creatures family festival this year.

Approximately the size and weight of a rich tea biscuit at just 15 grams, the baby emperor tamarins, native to South America, will not show signs of their trademark white moustaches for a few weeks yet.

Zookeeper Lucy Hawley said: “It’s great to have these two new additions to ZSL London Zoo’s Rainforest Life exhibit, they may be tiny in size but it’s always a big deal to the keepers when our fantastic animals choose to breed.

“With our new tree climbing anteater, Ria, and baby two-toed sloth, our rainforest family is really flourishing at the moment in their fun and leafy home here.

“We’re looking forward to when Winnie and Piglet grow a little bit older and start to brave bounding around the exhibit’s branches with the other monkeys, having adventures of their own.”

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