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What’s Happening at ZSL London Zoo!

Butterfly Paradise

Walking through a giant caterpillar, visitors are immersed into a world of amazing and beautiful butterflies and moths from around the globe. Lose yourself in the rich variety of species as they delicately flutter around you, seeking out plants on which to feed and rest.

ZSL London Zoo’s Butterfly Paradise exhibit features species from several major regions including Africa, South-east Asia and Central and South America. Visitors can learn more about the conservation of this diverse insect group, from species recovery programmes, community-based habitat protection initiatives and climate change issues.

In 1981 ZSL London Zoo created the first exhibit developed exclusively for invertebrates. It featured mainly butterflies and moths - making it the world's first butterfly house!

Designed to resemble a giant caterpillar, Butterfly Paradise is a walk-through tropical haven, carefully planted and heated to a balmy 27 degrees to provide the perfect habitat for the beautiful invertebrates, which fly freely overhead in the exotic environment.

Butterfly Paradise itself was launched in May 2006 and it showcases a vast array of butterfly species in a carefully created ‘walk though’ environment, offering visitors the opportunity to learn more about life cycles, biodiversity and climate change.

Hundreds of butterflies have been chosen to represent 100,000 species that exist on the planet. All butterflies are forest-species from the shrinking tropics of South-East Asia, Central and South America and East Africa.

One of the most interesting aspects of Butterfly Paradise is the ever changing environment that is obvious not only in the development of the flora and fauna, but also in that it illustrates the entire lifecycle of a butterfly.

Alongside the free flying butterflies in the exhibit, there is also a pupae holding room where visitors can see a vast array of beautiful pupae develop and butterflies eventually emerge. ZSL London Zoo breeds some species, but most do arrive as pupae, from butterfly farms in native areas. It gives community business a sustainable income that does not do further damage to the forests.

Highlights to look out for include tiny butterfly eggs, giant caterpillars and butterfly feeding stations.


In with the Lemurs at ZSL London Zoo

ZSL London Zoo unveils brand new ‘In with the Lemurs’ walk-through exhibit for Easter

Nestled in the heart of leafy Regent’s Park, kitted out with the best accessories, and with a desirable NW1 postcode, London’s newest bachelor pad will soon be home to some very handsome males; a troop of 16 lemurs.
Opening on Saturday 28 March, In with the Lemurs is a brand new walk-through exhibit at ZSL London Zoo, where visitors will be able to get closer than ever before to 15 ring-tail lemurs and one black and white ruffed lemur.

Designed by the Zoo’s expert keepers and horticulturalists, In with the Lemurs will take visitors on a journey through the Madagascan shrub forest where the evolutionarily unique primates will be leaping, climbing and lounging all around them.

Renowned sun-worshippers, the lemurs love nothing more than an afternoon spent sunbathing. With this in mind the Zoo’s dedicated architects carefully mapped the path of the sunlight on the new exhibit to ensure their basking platforms are purposefully located to maximise lounging time.

With an uncertain future in the wild, lemurs face a daily struggle to survive due to extensive habitat loss, and over-hunting. In with the Lemurs will give the Zoo’s visitors a glimpse of these threats in the exhibit’s replica timber mill, highlighting the devastating effect the industry has on the lemurs’ wild habitat.

Ring-tail lemurs are classified as endangered on the IUCN red-list, as are black and white ruffed lemurs, which are also listed on international conservation charity ZSL’s EDGE of Existence programme, due to the threat to their survival and evolutionary distinctiveness.

Tickets are on sale now for Easter at ZSL London Zoo. Beat the queues and make a date to see In with the Lemurs by booking online

In with the Lemurs, ZSL London Zoo’s newest exhibit opens to the public on Saturday 28 March. Home to 16 male lemurs, including ring-tail lemurs and a black and white ruffed lemur, visitors will walk among the forest home of the playful primates as they leap and climb overhead. Combining an incredible visitor experience with the opportunity to raise awareness of the threats lemurs face in the wild and ZSL’s conservation efforts in Madagascar, In with the Lemurs is a must-see new attraction at ZSL London Zoo.

Penguin Waddle

On Saturday 18 April ZSL will be holding the annual Penguin Waddle at ZSL London Zoo. Join us for a chilled-out out morning migrating around the Zoo penguin-style!

We are looking for the coolest colony of children to take part in the Penguin Waddle event, dressed in their finest feathers and ready with their best waddling moves.

Penguin privileges:

• Penguin Waddlers will arrive before the Zoo opens for a cool waddle around
• Waddlers will be treated to an exclusive penguin talk at Penguin Beach
• The Terrace restaurant will be open for a well-deserved breakfast after all the energetic waddling!
• Prizes will be given for the 'Best dressed Penguin' and the 'Highest Fundraiser' on the day
• Not only will you have a full day out at ZSL London Zoo full of animal fun, you will also be supporting ZSL's vital penguin conservation work!

Tickets for the Penguin Waddle must be booked in advance. Registering your little chicks for the event is easy - there is a £7 registration fee per child in additional to a child’s ticket to ZSL London Zoo, using the link below, with a minimum sponsorship of £20.


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