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Thank you all for your continued efforts in promoting LED Hut, below are the Top 5 bestselling products from last month.

*New* 4.5 Watt - E14 LED Candle Shape Bulb

These high quality LUMiLife E14 energy saving LED bulbs are designed for domestic, commercial and retail lighting, and are a direct replacement for existing E14 (Small Edison Screw) candle bulbs.

Price: £7.68


9 Watt - B22 High Output Standard Shape LED Bulb

The perfect replacement for 60W traditional bulbs, this B22 offers extra-brightness with all the energy saving benefits you can expect from LED lighting.

Price: £9.60


5 Watt GU10 LED Bulb - Wide Beam Angle

These high quality GU10 energy saving LED bulbs from LumiLife are designed for domestic, commercial and retail lighting, and are a direct replacement for existing GU10 Halogen bulbs.

Price: £8.99


4 Watt GU10 LED Bulb - Wide Beam Angle

The GU10 4W spotlight is one of our top selling spotlights of all time. It has a fantastic rating from our customers and continues to be a top seller today.

Price: £6.99


*NEW* 4.5 Watt GU10 LED - Wide Beam Angle - 350 Lumens

By switching your existing spotlights to GU10 LEDs, you'll reduce your electricity bills. They use 90% less electricity than standard halogen lights, and with a 25,000 hour life*span they'll last up to 20 *times longer.

Price: £7.17


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